Miguel Palau


Hi there! Thanks for stopping by 👋

My name is Miguel Palau I'm a Web Developer from Puebla, México

I love working with modern web technologies and I'm passionate about always staying sharp on my skills and learning new stuff all the time.

Also I enjoy working with and contributing to open source and also I love tweaking my terminal and dotfiles

Currently I work as a FullStack Developer at Cratejoy where I do mostly ReactJS and Flask on the regular.

I organize a monthly Meetup in Puebla called DevNights were we talk about open source technologies, eat some 🍕 and have a few 🍺. If you're around the area you should probably go 💁.

Ocassionally I tweet in a mix of spanish and english and write on Pixel's Blog and I'm also trying to blog more often here as well.

This webpage was built using Phenomic and its hosted on Github Pages feel free to check the source code

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